About us

Terra Tuscany is a joint effort between Terras and illuminem.

We are committed change-makers who believe climate action starts with leaders who can make a difference in their institutions.

Our purpose

We were deeply dissatisfied with the status quo of conventional conferences, which often showcased corporate success without providing actionable insights. We were frustrated with the distance between stages and leaders, which made them feel inaccessible. This led us to recognize the urgent need for a platform where sustainability leaders could truly engage and drive change.

We wanted to discuss nature surrounded by it, offering you a unique opportunity to engage directly with global leaders in an informal atmosphere. Unlike conventional conferences, our gathering is designed to encourage free-flowing ideas and deep connections through workshops and masterclasses. 
We aimed for a sustainable venue powered by solar energy and supplied with local food, further enhancing the unique experience.

So, we created Terra Tuscany. Our climate action gathering was born from these aspirations — a transformative event designed to redefine leadership and sustainability, inspiring hope for a greener future.
We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey.

Our partners

Our network and events

CSOs in our network
Newsletter subscribers
Countries in which we hosted events
Attendees at previous gatherings

Selection of hosted and supported events

COP28, Green Accelerator in Davos, Davos Economic Forum, Villars Summit, London Energy Conference, London Climate Action Week, London Climate Tech Show, and Climate Week New York.

Selected previous speakers and sponsors

Michael Jefferson

Former Deputy Secretary-General
World Energy Council & Nobel Peace Prize Winner with the UNFCC

Elizabeth Lewis

Head of ESG at Blackstone

Cécile Cabanis

Deputy CEO Tikehau Capital

Taavi Rõivas

Former Prime Minister of Estonia

Sade Fritschi Naranjo

Minister of the Environment of Ecuador

Erik Solheim

Former Minister of the Environment of Norway

Our experts and advisors

We believe that high-impact gatherings like Terra Tuscany require world-renowned experts and advisors who have demonstrated to make a difference and who are truly motivated to change the world for the better.

Sandrine Dixson-Declève

President of the Club of Rome

Roberta Boscolo

Climate & Energy Leader, WMO

Dr. Elena Morettini

Global Head of Sustainable Business, Globant

Georg Kell

Chairman, Arabesque & Founder UN Global Compact

Sade Fritschi Naranjo

Minister of the Environment of Ecuador

Our team

We are a dynamic team of committed change-makers dedicated to driving sustainable transformation. Our team blends diverse expertise in sustainability, event management, and leadership development, united by a common belief that impactful climate action starts at the leadership level.

Marvin Rottenberg
Founder and CEO at Terras

Marvin previously held leadership positions in marketing and sustainability at Tourlane, Ada Health, and Google.
He holds a Master of Science in Political Economy from the London School of Economics and was the President of the LSE Energy Society - the largest student-led society in Europe.
Since then, Marvin and Andrea, the CEO of illuminem, have been organizing multiple sustainability events in the UK, the US, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy - hosting global politicians and energy leaders.

Andrea Gori
Founder and CEO at illuminem

Andrea was the Boston Consulting Group’s Global Green Champion before founding illuminem - the world’s largest network in sustainability.
Andrea holds a Master of Science in International Finance from the HEC.
Like Marvin, Andrea was the President of the London School of Economics Energy Society - the largest student-led society in Europe. Andrea is a Founding Partner at Terras and is responsible for strategic relationships.

Prachi Modi
Partnerships Manager

Prachi is actively fostering our community. She began her professional journey in the financial realms of Goldman Sachs, honing a deep understanding of SEC regulations, investment strategies, and client relations.

Prachi holds a Master of Science in Marketing and Finance from the University of Albany.

At Terras, Prachi is responsible for partnerships and speaker relationships.

Nicolas Vecchioli
Founding Partner

Nicolas is the Co-Founder of illuminem and is responsible for Marketing and Growth. He previously worked as a strategy consultant at BCG and is on a journey to empower the transition to sustainability.

Nico holds a Master of Science in Management from the HEC. He is a founding partner at Terras and is responsible for strategic relationships.

Terras speakers in 2025

We are excited to announce some speakers for Terras gatherings in 2025 already.
All of them are true global sustainability leaders and ready to share their expertise in our upcoming events.

Anisa Costa

Chief Sustainability Officer at Rivian

Shyla Raghav

Chief Climate Officer, TIME

Sade Fritschi Naranjo

Minister of the Environment of Ecuador

If you want to become a speaker in 2025, we would like to know your role, its impact, and your motivation better.
Just get in touch and tell us how you are driving climate action.