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Participate in workshops, panels, and masterclasses on sustainability leadership, knowledge exchange, and generating actionable insights to apply directly in your business.

Masterclass: Sustainability Leadership

Join Nancy Mahon of Estée Lauder and Michael Kobori of Starbucks for a transformative masterclass on sustainability leadership. Explore cutting-edge strategies these industry leaders use to drive impactful sustainability initiatives in their global companies.

Nancy Mahon

Chief Sustainability Officer, Estée Lauder

Michael Kobori

Chief Sustainability Officer, Starbucks

Decision-Making Power:

Learn how to get execution power for implementing sustainable practices internally. Understand how delegating and managing stakeholders effectively converts sustainability goals into business strategy and financial impact.

Sandrine Dixson-Declève

President of the Club of Rome

Stakeholder Involvement:

Learn how to gauge stakeholder expectations - helping customers see the value in sustainable products, coordinating across the value chain, quality and accuracy of data about distribution partners, supply chain and risk management, and employee and community engagement.

Gregg Meyer

Chief Sustainability Officer, Steve Madden

Prioritizing Sustainability Efforts:

Understand how to determine which sustainability targets and initiatives should receive the most attention in the face of limited funding and workforce availability.

Sade Fritschi Naranjo

Minister of the Environment of Ecuador

Creating Incentive Systems:

Learn who is responsible for what in terms of accountability and how your organization is critical for implementing those systems. Understand how incentive systems can be created and how they drive lasting impact.

Pierre Abadie

Managing Director, Tikehau Capital

Compliance & Regulations:

Learn how to satisfy evolving regulations and adapt internal processes to keep up with regulations. With this panel, you'll understand upcoming regulations and how to manage them proactively.

Georg Kell

Chairman, Arabesque & Founder UN Global Compact