Frequently Asked Questions

What is Terra Tuscany?

Terra Tuscany, a climate action gathering for sustainability leaders, is nestled in the serene embrace of nature, offering a unique opportunity to connect with the environment.
Terra Tuscany takes place every year during the summer in a sustainable villa in Tuscany, Italy.
The number of invited participants is limited to 80 in order to maintain and strengthen the intensive community of these changemakers.
In this personal environment, Terra Tuscany offers participants a neutral, discreet, and carefully curated platform for discussions, expert-led workshops, and talks.
It also provides the perfect setting for deep thinking and collaboration, inspiring and motivating participants to make a real difference in the world of sustainability.

Who will you meet at Terra Tuscany?

Terra Tuscany, a curated gathering, attracts top decision-makers and influential figures committed to sustainability, including founders, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, heads of sustainable investments, board members, and current and former state ministers.
Attendees at Terra Tuscany seize the opportunity to forge meaningful personal and business connections, drive impactful climate action, and promote financial growth through collaborative discussions that span industries from energy and finance to automotive and beyond.

What are the different ticket types available at Terra Tuscany?

We offer two ticket types tailored to enhance your visit:

  • Classic Ticket: Access to the Terra Tuscany experience without accommodation.
  • Premium Ticket: Includes the Terra Tuscany experience, hotel accommodation, a gala dinner with our speakers, and more.

Each ticket allows full participation of the event.

For pricing details, please visit our pricing page.

Why Villa Lena for Terra Tuscany?

Chosen for its exemplary commitment to sustainability, Villa Lena is not just a venue but a testament to what Terra Tuscany stands for. Lauded by VOGUE Magazine as a pinnacle of "relaxed luxury," Villa Lena operates sustainably, from its organic agriculture to its renewable energy sources.
Positioned amidst Tuscany's rich culture and natural beauty, it provides the perfect backdrop for inspiration and innovation among sustainability leaders.

What accommodations can I expect with my ticket?

Premium ticket holders will be accommodated in a private room at Villa Lena, our prime location. If you need help booking a hotel nearby, please contact us.
We offer special rates and are happy to help.

How can I secure my attendance at Terra Tuscany?

Securing your place at Terra Tuscany involves a carefully curated application process to assemble a harmonious group of attendees who share our commitment to sustainability and strategic impact.

  1. Ticket Request: Please begin by submitting an application that includes your name, company details, and your preferred payment option.
  2. Confirmation: We will review your application and may contact you for a brief discussion to better understand your interests and alignment with our ethos. If selected, you will receive an email confirmation, invoice, or payment link.
  3. Engagement: Get ready for an extraordinary experience unlike anything you've experienced in the conventional conference circuit. Positioned amidst the serene beauty of Tuscany, this event is designed to foster deep, meaningful connections and provide invaluable insights in an environment surrounded by nature.
Until when can I purchase a ticket?

Given Terra Tuscany's limited availability, we recommend early ticket requests to secure your participation. Take advantage of our early bird discounts and ensure your place among the pioneers of sustainability by applying at your earliest convenience.

How can I justify attending Terra Tuscany to my organization?

We provide a detailed template to help you build a compelling business case for attending Terra Tuscany. 

Highlight the unparalleled access to over 80 key decision-makers, the opportunity for strategic networking, and the potential to gain insights into the latest trends in sustainability. Emphasize the benefits of learning about market-ready solutions that can drive your organization's sustainability agenda forward.

Terra Tuscany 2024 Attendance Approval Request



Re: Request for Approval: Terra Tuscany

I want to attend the Terra Tuscany in Italy from September 2-4, 2024.

Terra Tuscany is an exclusive offsite for sustainability leaders for actionable insights and strategic growth. 

By attending, I will have access to more than 80 key decision-makers in sustainability, world-class speakers, workshops on actionable insights, keynote, and breakout sessions to learn what's next in compliance and regulations, stakeholder management, decarbonization, biodiversity, supply chains, strategic communications and much more. 

Speakers include Sandrine Dixson-Declève - President of the Club of Rome; Daniel Schmid - Chief Sustainability Officer at SAP, and more.

Some of the benefits I expect to get from participating in Terra Tuscany are:

  1. Strategic Networking through 1:1 dialogues with global leaders and tailored networking activities.
  2. Meeting new customers and discovering new investment opportunities.
  3. Exploring real-world case studies and success stories to unlock the potential of sustainable business practices.

Here is an approximate breakdown of the cost of attending. 

If I register by [Enter current ticket price], we will save [enter amount].

Ticket type:






Since Terra Tuscany offers learning and networking opportunities across several departments and functions, it would be an excellent opportunity for our organization. By attending, my team can align on the latest sustainable business trends and the best strategy for our organization. 

I will submit a trip report post-event, including a summary of the conference and my learnings. I'd also happily share relevant information with other staff members and departments.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to your reply.

Who is organizing Terra Tuscany?

Terra Tuscany is a premier annual gathering organized by Terras and Illuminem. Terras specializes in hosting unique events that connect global sustainability leaders to discuss and shape the future of climate action.

Illuminem brings to the partnership its vast network of over 1,500 global sustainability experts and thought leaders, reaching an audience of over 200,000 across its platform.

Both organizations are driven by a shared vision of impactful sustainability practice. They draw on extensive experience orchestrating large-scale, high-caliber conferences. Their strategic collaboration ensures that Terra Tuscany serves as a platform for discussion and a beacon for actionable sustainability leadership worldwide.

Do you offer special rates for team registrations?

Absolutely. We encourage team participation and offer special discounts. For detailed information on group rates, please contact us at

Can I bring a +1?

If you want to bring a plus one, please request an invite for them separately. We will evaluate the profile and confirm with you.

Can I come spontaneously?

No, you must request your invite and secure your spot beforehand due to limited capacity and profile requirements.

I need more information about transportation, routes, and hotels. Who should I contact?

Please send us a message using the contact form.